Shahid Baltistani

Welcome to Shahid Baltistani’s Official Website!

Shahid Baltistani made his mark in Nauha Khawani in a short period of time. A sound that will refresh your Soul & Spirit !

The term “DARVAISH” can be clearly understood by the saying of Maula Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib (A.S)

“The world is like a shadow when you follow it; it disappears while it runs after you if you walk in its opposite direction”. DARVAISH is one who does not believe in following the materialistic world rather it lets the world run after him. According to Maula Ali (A.S) “The world is a Cage for MOMIN” it’s a place which betrays (misleads) human being.

It’s a group of creative darvaish people who have devoted their all expertise for the propagation of the true essence of Islam that is of course humanity, love and peace for all in order to explore God and His most beloved ones i.e. Holy Prophet Mohammad (A.S), his family and their companions. Alhamdullillah we have been experiencing the Almighty’s blessings since we started to decide to devote ourselves for this eternal cause. This website is an extremely small evidence of the fact as we have gone through a long journey and Inshah Allah we have an endless way to go.

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